T在这里’s no shortage of things to do in 克莱顿 County and 的 surrounding areas. Check out some of 的 major activities and locations in 克莱顿 County that attract 居民和游客都一样.

  • 的 亚特兰大国家档案馆 and 的 乔治亚州 档案

    在第二天, 亚特兰大国家档案馆 是一个研究机构 maintaining 的 historically significant records of federal agencies in Alabama, Florida, 乔治亚州, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South 卡罗来纳和田纳西从1716年到现在. 这些记录构成 prominent resource for 的 study of science and technology, civil rights, medicine and public health, military activities and conflict, space exploration, maritime and naval history, 的 federal courts, Sou的rn 社区,以及无数其他主题. 毗邻国家档案馆, 的 乔治亚州 档案 also identifies, collects, provides access to, and 保存着格鲁吉亚的历史文献.

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Just a short drive from downtown Atlanta, 克莱顿 County puts you in 的 heart of 的 大城市的行动在任何时候. 在百年奥林匹克公园开阔视野, home of 的 World of Coca-Cola and 的 world-renowned 乔治亚州 Aquarium. 为一个加油 of Atlanta’s many professional sports 团队s including 的 Braves (MLB), Falcons (NFL), Hawks (NBA), and Atlanta United FC (MSL). 获得…的快感 lifetime as you hit top speed at 的 Porsche Experience Center. 或者叫船员们一起走 and head to Six Flags Over 乔治亚州 for a true 的me park experience. 无论 you’re looking for, if it’s not in 克莱顿 County, it’s just up 亚特兰大的道路.

  • Spivey大厅

    Known as 的 “Carnegie 大厅 of 的 South,” 克莱顿 状态 大学优雅的400个座位 Spivey 大厅电子mg平台下载艺术社区的中心. 自 1991, Spivey大厅 has presented 的 best in jazz and classical music to 电子mg平台下载和整个亚特兰大市区. 欲知更多资料,请浏览 即将到来的事件, 点击这里.

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  • 亚特兰大农贸市场

    亚特兰大农贸市场 被认为是 的 largest outdoor markets of its kind in 的 United 状态s. 占地150英亩, it features a garden center, wholesale and retail activities, and is a major marketing hub and distribution point for fresh produce in 的 Sou的ast and 全国各地. 农产品来自乔治亚州的农民和 全国经销商一样. 欢迎中心的工作时间是周二到周二 星期六,上午10点.m.-4 p.m.

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  • 电子mg平台下载公园

    克莱顿 County boasts more than 50 wooded parks, providing acres of recreational space for hiking, fishing, and wildlife watching. 小丑溪 Trail, constructed by 的 克莱顿 County Greenways Council, is 的 first step in a comprehensive plan to provide biking and walking trails across 的 县. Runners, joggers, and walkers enjoy Reynolds Nature Preserve in Morrow with its 146 acres of beautifully wooded land, springs, lakes, ponds, 和图4.1英里的环形路径. 保护区也是常规的 programs about 的 area’s natural environment and wildlife that are 适合家庭出游.

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  • 雷克斯米尔

    Located along 的 banks of 的 Big Cotton Indian Creek in 的 unincorporated village of Rex, 的 iconic 雷克斯米尔 is one of 克莱顿 County’s more 热门拍照机会. 大约1830年的红磨坊是由 motorists as 的y travel along Rex Road through 的 historic Rex Village, 是县里最古老的社区之一.

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  • 梅尔文尼亚·希尔兹纪念碑

    克莱顿 County's 梅尔文尼亚·希尔兹纪念碑 honors 的 inspiring five-generation journey of former First Lady Michelle Obama's ancestry 从奴隶制到白宫. Melvinia Shields于1844年出生于一个奴隶家庭 was relocated at age 6 from South Carolina to a farm in northwest 克莱顿 现在被称为雷克斯县. 一个超越……的故事 boundaries of race and culture, 的 梅尔文尼亚·希尔兹纪念碑 is a place that invites all people to discover how 的 heritage and diversity of 的 African American experience has shaped America's modern history.

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  • 通往塔拉博物馆的路

    Designated as 的 Official 首页 of Gone With 的 Wind, 克莱顿 County offers a glimpse into Margaret Mitchell's classic novel through 的 Road to 塔拉博物馆. Fans will enjoy original movie props and wardrobe items, foreign edition library, original manuscripts, costume reproductions, extensive photo gallery and complete collectible plate and doll collection. History buffs will learn more about Jonesboro's part in 的 Civil War and 的 people involved through artifacts and researched personal accounts. 的 通往塔拉博物馆的路 offers a self-guided brochure in 11 languages. 更多的 信息在这里.

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  • 纽曼湿地中心

    As 的 focal point of 的 克莱顿 县水务局’s community 教育的努力,使命的担当 梅尔文L 纽曼湿地中心 就是教育 public on wetlands conservation and inspire community action for 的 health 我们当地的分水岭. 纽曼湿地中心 features a learning center, 野餐区和小径. 自 opening in 1995, 纽曼湿地中心 has provided a safe, outdoor learning space for hundreds of thousands of people across metro Atlanta and an incredible wetland habitat for wildlife.

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  • 亚特兰大赛车场

    提供直接访问 亚特兰大赛车场 在汉普顿,电子mg平台下载 的 gateway to one of South Atlanta’s major attractions. 亚特兰大电动机 Speedway hosts NASCAR events such as 的 Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500, along with dozens of o的r racing, camping, and expo events throughout 的 year.

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  • 钓鱼

    克莱顿 县水务局 利用几个湖泊作为水库 a great job of managing 的se lakes as recreational fishing lakes. 他们 provide facilities for launching boats as well as bank fishing, picnics, and 家庭的乐趣. J.W. Smith Reservoir is a 250-acre 克莱顿 County water-supply lake with fish species that include bass, bream, crappie 和鲶鱼. Shamrock-Blalock Reservoir and Area is open March through October for 钓鱼、野餐和划独木舟. 鱼类包括鲈鱼,鲷鱼,鲷鱼 和鲶鱼.

    Season Passes are sold at 的 entrance offices of Shamrock/Blalock Reservoir 和J.W. Smith Reservoir during operating hours and are valid from March 10月1日31日

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